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Schedule & Payment

Pricing listed is St. Louis County and City residents.

In-Person Individual


Per 50m Session

Individual therapy puts you at the center of the healing journey. While family and significant others can be involved upon request, our primary aim is to cultivate your personal growth and well-being. Here, you're not just a client; you're the focal point of your own success story.

Virtual Session: $150

Couples & Family


Per 50m Session

Family and Couples Therapy centers on strengthening the group dynamic. While individual sessions are available upon request, the emphasis remains on achieving collective goals. Insights from individual consultations are integrated into full sessions to create a cohesive journey towards well-being.

Virtual Session: $175

Life Consulting


Per Week

Life Consulting offers a fast-track to your immediate goals. Unlike traditional therapy, it's a two week-long minimum commitment with strategically timed contacts to maintain motivation. The length of engagement varies, tailored to meet your specific objectives for timely achievement.

Step 1 schedule a call icon

Schedule a quick intro call to set up your first appointment.

Step 2 fill out the consent form

Fill out & sign the consent form by clicking Here.

Step 3 pay icon

Pay for your session through Venmo (No Fee) or Square (4% Fee).

Contact now and start the next part of your journey.

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